Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to send us your questions about our service. We publish the frequently asked questions here. We also reply to you directly for more individual concerns. You can send us your queries through our online contact form.

Q) What can Finest Law provide for me?
We are an online service that provides a marketing service for lawyers and legal professionals to give you legal advice and legal representation. You can use our website to find a solicitor, barrister, or legal professional that most suits your needs.

Q) Can I contact Finest Law directly for a solicitor?
Yes, we can discuss with you your requirement over the telephone and through our online contact form and refer you to specialist solicitors who could advise you about how to pursue your claim.

Q) Do I pay Finest Law for any referral fees?

No. If you contact us directly, you do not pay us a referral fee for each solicitor that you contact. We obtain our fees from the solicitors. The solicitor pays us a referral fee that is derived from their legal and marketing costs. There is no referral or referral paid in personal injury enquiries. We recommend a number of  personal injury specialists to you through our advertising whom you are welcome to contact. We process your initial enquiry with you. We do not gain any fee from your compensation. You keep your compensation.

Q) Why do I have to pay an administration charge £10

We require you to sign up as a member in order for us to process your enquiry. Our service requires administration of the volume of requests in order to achieve our mission of first class client service. We need enquirers who are serious about their enquiry and we value the time our professionals put into our service. The fee is a recurring annual charge that can be cancelled at any time by you or us.

Q) What legal professionals do you work with?
We will work with a range of legal professionals, such as barristers, mediators, legal advisors, immigration advisors. Sometimes a non legal expert is more suitable for your case and this could save you money. When you complete the online contact form, one of our solicitors will advise you accordingly.

Q) Once a solicitor contacts me, am I committed to the solicitor?
This depends on what you agreed with the solicitor. The solicitor will discuss a client retainer letter which will include an outline of the costs and what your commitment will be about. The decision to instruct the solicitor is yours.

Q) Do I pay for the initial assessment of my case?
The solicitor or legal professional you choose will discuss the fee arrangement with you for the initial assessment of your case. Your enquiry may well be solved during the initial assessment. There is usually a written feedback to you and the solicitor or legal professional may charge a fee for this depending on what you require.

Q) Can I arrange legal insurance for my claims?
Finest Law does not arrange insurance for legal claims. You are free to contact your solicitor about insurance arrangement, or contact the insurance companies who advertise on our site or any insurance company you select.

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