Your Legal Rights

The legal rights of employees are protected by law in the Employment Act 1996. Some commons examples of legal issues in the workplace are: unfair dismissal; wrongful dismissal and discrimination. A solicitor is usually the best person to advise you on whether your claim is of sufficient material to be considered in a tribunal claim. It may be that this issue can be resolved directly with your employer and  your solicitor acts as a representative for you.

It is important to contact your solicitor as early as possible with regards to any disputes that you feel have not been resolved by your employer, including disputes between other employees that have breached your legal rights in the workplace.  This is because there are strict time limits within which you must adhere to in order to successfully submit a claim in an employment tribunal.

There are also certain procedures that you need to follow before you consider bring your claim to the courts. If your employer has a grievance policy in place, then you should ask for a copy of it and demonstrate that you have followed this procedure to attempt to resolve your dispute. You should keep a record of all events everything relating to the dispute in a diary, including witness statements. This will speed up the process of investigating your dispute.

Contact your solicitor for advice about this process and how you resolve your dispute at an affordable cost.