Personal Injury


You may need a Personal Injury solicitor if you have an accident either at work, in a public place.  If you are in your home or in another person premises and you are injured you may still need a personal injury claim depending on how the accident occurred. If you have had medical treatment, including an operation, and you become injured or develop a further injury as a result of medical negligence then it is likely that you are entitled to a personal injury compensation claim.

If you have an accident at work resulting in personal injury then you may entitled to a compensation claim from your employer. If you develop a disease while at work and you can prove that the disease was directly linked to your workplace, then you may be entitled to compensation claims under the health and safety, industrial diseases environmental health or any regulation that your employer has not met the standards thus causing you to develop the disease. Examples of industrial diseases are: chemical or biological poisoning; repetitive strain injury from lifting or typing; loss of hearing from loud noise at work.

You are protected as a consumer from defective products. Personal injury and some illnesses develop as a result of the use of services of unsatisfactory standards or defective products. If you have had an accident by using a defective product or are injury then you may be eligible to a compensation claim from the providers.

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