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Are you a Great Lawyer?

Successful people across the globe have one thing in common and that is finding the right strategies to master their skills. Through these strategies, they advertise their skills to more and more people. More people then become aware of the value of these legal services. Improved business longevity. However, it is unlikely that you will be asked, “Are you a great lawyer?” It is more likely that a potential client will be thinking about something like this and assessing their success with you.

From Good to Great

Yes, there is good and bad in most professions so most professionals are regulated to safeguard the public. Lawyers in the UK follow codes of conduct, and this is similar in other countries if the profession is well regulated. More likely than not, customers will say, “I am looking for a good lawyer.”  We want them to say, “I found a great lawyer.”  Even better if they say, “I found a great lawyer for you.” This is because you are good, great and an accessible professional.

Keeping in view this importance of strategic thinking, through this book through I am encouraging you reflect on your advocacy skills. Whether you are practising law or thinking about becoming a lawyer, I am highlighting this strategic direction to you. After reading this book, do you agree that we focus on an empathetic view of clients and educate clients in the law?

Resting on Laurels

Some professionals think it is enough to be a good lawyer. In fact, in my experience, some believe that should be enough for clients. Unfortunately, that isn’t the real world. It simply isn’t enough today to be just a good lawyer. It’s not okay to rest on your laurels. Being a great lawyer requires a combination of high intelligence, strong analytical and advocacy skills, and effective communication. This is effective communication verbally, in writing and nowadays through other media. We see this, through the looking glass, in High Court cases in action. Yes, it’s TV to the public. Moreover, it is an education to watch some of the greatest trial lawyers of all time.

Learn from the Great Ones

By focusing on being a great lawyer, you will be able to master and adapt your skills to new situations. You learn how to take bold approaches towards practical solutions and challenge the unknown. Learning from the great ones. By empathising with your client’s objectives, you advocate on that basis. One way to raise your bar from good to a great lawyer.

We will appreciate your views on being a great lawyer and a great professional. That word ‘great’ for me also resonates with passion for the work and supporting education that I provide. As consultants, we aspire to be great practitioners, following government guidelines for legal and business management consultancy. You may find that the codes of conduct in most professions are similar to ensure good working practices. What we are looking for here is an opportunity to become great lawyers who are in high demand.

When such a great opportunity is knocking at your door, I look forward to your review and opinions to be a great lawyer and a great professional.

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