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Are you protected? When I was asked this question, it made me ponder over my whole life? When and what should I protect myself from? Throughout our lives, we wonder about, take evening classes or start evening classes, we buy take-aways from the high street, we try out new things. We take our protection for granted sometimes and assume that we are protected well enough to live our lives.

As a normal member of the public, I must admit, I don’t always think about the legal frameworks that surround my life. It’s only when something goes wrong, then I start to question. When we buy from the internet, do we always read the terms and conditions? We might read them, for example, when we are not satisfied with our product or service and are refused refunds.

When should we get help?

Our needs and preferences on how to solve our issues will depend on a number of factors that include:

  • location
  • budget
  • available time
  • previous knowledge and experience
  • situation complexity

We need to decide when we need legal information either through courses or consultancy services.

Consultancy Services

Finest Law provides legal services through a network of lawyers that would act for you, as legal consultants if you instruct them. You can book an initial consultation for 10-20 minutes, to help you decide whether you need to continue to hire a lawyer. The services are for applicants who genuinely need legal services and intend to act based on the information they receive.

The consultation is an opportunity for you to obtain legal information and decide whether it is worthwhile for you to further seek further advice. Alternatively, you may wish to solve your issue using the information provided by your consultant. Following this advice,  you can choose another consultant that has expertise in your area of concern.

During your consultation, you can also obtain information about the rates the legal consultant charges for client services. By reading the draft client services agreements, you can decide. Whether to proceed with the consultant. Including the fees into your budget further enables you to decide when to proceed. However, be sure to base your consultation primarily on you gaining legal information how to proceed further. You can start your enquiry and book a consultation with Finest Law.

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