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Client Care

Client care to us means that we strive to look after our clients so they feel satisfied with our services. In our client care programme, we act in the best interests of our clients. if we feel that our skills do not match the needs for our clients then we will not continue the service and/or refer our clients to more suitable consultants.

Consultant’ means Professional Solicitors, Barristers, Advocates and Legal Professionals, Mediators, and Legal Advisers.

‘Clients’ mean ‘clients’ or ‘prospective clients’ and users and/or enquirers on the website.

A. Consultant Professionalism

For more details about the references for our client care programme, please click here for the access to the solicitor’s code of conduct rules and the FCA code of conduct and the accountancy code of conduct.

1. We shall act for clients where we have sufficient resources and competence in the area of concern for the client; in any accounts work done for the client; and where we are certain that the client’s instructions are not under any duress or undue influence or the instructions to act for the client has been given by someone else.

2. Finest Law and our consultants cannot enter into a contract with a client who is under 18 years old.  We also work with adults who are registered to act for people who are registered under the Mental Health Act [1983]. This includes anyone (or who we believe) do not have the mental capacity to give us clear instructions. We shall advise the client that we shall involve a third party registered with an appropriate body to enable the client to receive legal representation by us or another body that best meets the client’s needs.

3. We explain to the client that the consultant may not be able to act for the client where there is a conflict of interest, risk of breach of confidentiality or disclosure between the client and another client of the consultant or where money laundering or other criminal activity or any situation which involves the consultant in breach of the law.

4. We identify the client’s objectives, explain to the client the issues and offer options to the for the way forward to resolve matters.

5. We offer our level of service, explain our responsibilities and the responsibilities of the client and provide the client with the named contact person for their issue.

6. We explain the costs involved including any referral arrangements that may affect the client costs. This may involve a detailed breakdown of costs to allow the client options for services requested. A referral can be a fixed fee; a percentage of the client fee or success fee; or a portion of the solicitor’s marketing costs. This depends on the solicitor’s arrangement with the referrer.

7. We explain the range of indemnity or insurance options available to the client that could cover the costs not only to the client but also to or from any other party involved.

8. We explain to the client the professional indemnity of the consultant and the complaints procedure available in the event of a problem with the services provided to them.

Terminating Our Services

9. The client can end the service with the consultant at any time for any reason, but the consultant can only end the service if there is a good reason and with reasonable notice.

10. Examples of good reasons are a breakdown in the confidence between client and consultant, where there has been money laundering or criminal activity and that which causes the Consultant to be in breach of the law.

11. The client must receive all their paper work as soon as possible. Any monies due to both consultant and client must be settled as soon as possible, within the Company Policy and Contract between Consultant and Client. This includes refunds for services provided and deposits paid and money held in a client account.

12. If a client is bankrupt or becomes mentally incapacitated, the law can end the contract between the consultant and the client.

This client care programme offered here includes good practice in the Solicitors’ Code of Conduct which explains in detail the code of conduct for solicitors.

Our expectations are that the interview between consultant and client will embrace all the practices here and all the detail the code of practice in the relevant professional association.

B. Code of Conduct for Clients and Prospective Clients

Our clients must comply with the terms and conditions as stated on this website, and treat the consultant with respect, personal integrity and provide the consultant with the information and monies and fees requested. This is so that the consultant can act to the best of their ability using the information given and the manner in which it has been given.

We reserve the right to ban any client from using our services upon receipt of complaints of behaviour deemed to be unreasonable and any breach of the terms and conditions of this service.

We believe that through high standards of client referral and Consultant service that we can achieve our mission of high client satisfaction.

We aim to follow up with our clients and consultants with a short questionnaire of satisfaction of service.


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