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Find a lawyer to help your emigration.

Emigration from the UK has been on the increase and the locations appear to be Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and the USA.

After careful thought, you have decided to emigrate to new pastures. This could be a permanent move or a long-term venture such as a new job abroad.

How do you start planning? What are the most important laws and regulations that you need to consider first?… Just a few questions to consider, and importantly how are you going to tidy up your personal and business affairs before leaving?

Lawyers specialising in emigration interpret the legal guidelines for individuals’ and businesses’ operation in countries other than their country of birth. Dependent on the nationality of the applicant and the nation/country to which s/he wishes to emigrate, the laws vary. So, you may need to arrange for your pension to be transferred to your new residency.

How should you prepare to emigrate?

Importantly, your tax affairs need to be finalised with HMRC before you leave. You lose all your national insurance payments made into the UK system if you leave the UK permanently. Therefore, if you leave the UK, you will need to arrange health insurance and sickness payments in your new residence.

Your documents need to be certified in your new residency. A public notary is a specialised professional, normally a solicitor, who can authenticate and verify documents that are required abroad. Such documents include certificates for land ownership, passports, pensions and other legal documents. This is another reason why it’s best to find a lawyer to help your emigration.

When you arrive at your new residency, it is not unusual to encounter problems with the immigration control. Emigration lawyers advise as to eligibility, complete and submit applications for the various documents and assist in the event of a visa rejection. They can help you learn about the immigration requirements of your country of destination.

If you are thinking of emigrating, contact us to reach out to a range of professionals and learn about the immigration requirements of the country you intend to travel to. By sharing and collaborating knowledge, ensure you have the knowledge and understanding needed to make the right choices in your life. Don’t do this alone. Find a lawyer to help your emigration.

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