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Are you concerned about the possibility of libel or defamation of your name or character?

How to deal with defamation of character? So, you have a suspicion that someone has slandered your reputation putting your livelihood at risk. They may have even written something false about you on social media and now you can’t get a job in your line of work or you feel in exile. This has affected your personal, professional reputation or suffered financial loss as a result of this slander or libel against you. You need to know how to deal with defamation of character. You can get help with this. Why suffer in silence?

You want to understand this defamation, stop this and /or claim compensation through the courts or out of court settlement. It can be done, and each defamation claim is judged in the courts by its own merits, whether or not an Order is granted by the Court. Sometimes all you need is a pre-court action letter to put an end to the published work or slander activity.

Defamation of Character in UK law

Defamation is either slander or libel and is unlawful. It isn’t just for high profile or high earning individuals. Libel or slander can affect the productivity of every individual affected by it. This is not what we need when something can be done about it. You too can pursue a civil claim for a court order in the UK.

Slander can be oral statements or gestures that are made maliciously. It may be harder to prove the damage caused. The slanderer must have said things about you to others who know you or will find out about you. slander can be done in your absence and reported to you. However, it is harder to persuade enough people to come forward to substantiate your claim. They would need to provide signed witness statements and be prepared to give evidence in court.

Libel is defamation using more permanent communication such as tape recordings, written emails, internet posts and letters. This is physical evidence ready for the court room. In this current climate, where material is shared almost instantly and made viral, it can very difficult to eradicate false rumours, hence the greater the spread the greater the damage and compensation demanded.

How to stop someone from slandering you

You need to gather the evidence on how your business reputation is damaged as a result of defamatory statements, libel or slander, made about it. Equally as damaging, is a fall in sales and profits for your business. This could lead to loss of jobs in the business and termination of the business. This process of gathering evidence isn’t easy. You may not have the time to research the predicament that you face.  You’re going to need professional help if you want to maximize your chances of being successful,

Although libel cases can be very expensive, it does not exclude you from pursuing a claim in a small claims court when someone has wronged you.  So we wonder  how to deal with defamation of character in the first instance. By writing to the author or publisher using a legal consultant as a support could just be the way forward to stop the offending statements from circulation.

There are also options such as settlements out of court that you can consider using the legal advice of your solicitor. Whatever your preferred outcomes, it is advisable to begin to resolve the issues sooner rather than later. Contact a consultant today for discuss your issues.

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