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Terms and Conditions


You must be 18 years old and over to use this website. Please read our Legal Information page on Distance Contracts and our Cancellations Policy.

This Agreement includes our Terms and Conditions, Professional Competence guidance, Liabilities, Copyright and Website Policy.


1. Company means “We” “ Finest Law Ltd” “Finest Law”
2. User means you; any user of this website; enquirer; prospective client; client.
3. Consultant means, Accounting Professional, Accountant, Legal Professional, Solicitor, Barrister.
4. Website means websites owned and maintained by Finest Law.
5. Agreement means this contract including terms and conditions and contract for services between the Consultant and the User.
6. Client money means money paid by the client to the Company that is incidental to the request for services and held in the Company Client Account.
7. Office Money means money paid to the Company for direct use of the services of the Company.
8. The interview means direct face-to-face meeting, telephone meeting, Skype, WhatsApp, email or another meeting arrangement between the User and theConsultant.
9. This Agreement is entered into between the User, Consultant, and the Company. The Company, whose registered office is Kemp House, London EC1V 2NX Office: Finest Law Legal & Advocacy Services, Suite 1868, Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX; 91 Blurton Road, London E5 0NH, Finest Law Ltd. This Agreement is effective as of your execution of use of the Website and/or submission of your enquiry details through the contact box of the Website or through the contact us methods as described on the Website.

1. The Services of the Agreement

1. The Company agrees to provide the services of referrals and recommendations to Users of the website.
2. The Company shall refer enquiries from Users to up to 3 Consultants
3. The Company shall provide pre-contract information for services requested by the Users of the website
4. The fees and referral fees paid to the Company by the Consultants shall be determined during pre-contractual information.
5. The fees and referral fees paid to the Company by the User shall be determined during pre-contractual information.
6. The Company shall enter into an individual contract with the User for services provided and all fees attributable to the contract shall be paid in advance to the Company.
7. The User and Consultant shall provide feedback on services to the Company
8. The User and Consultant agree to receive email communications that include the monthly newsletter from the Company.
9. The User and Consultant may opt out of the Monthly Newsletter at any time.


i. Any users of this site must be 18 years of age and over
ii. The Company checks the qualifications of the Consultant by an application but will not be liable for the work done by the Advisor or any false statements made by the Advisor.
iii. The Consultant must perform accurate checks and due diligence on the clients.
iv. We will pass your details to up to a maximum of three Consultants, at the time of your application, and you must provide the Consultant with proof of identity and address along with a deposit for the work to be carried out.
v. You are responsible for any information that you provide to us through the website. We reserve the right to seek appropriate action for information that you supply to us, if in any form that is unlawful or what we consider to be offensive or misrepresentation to other Users of the site.
vi. We reserve the right to seek the refund charges from any User who provides us with the wrong information and the Advisor has to seek a refund from us and any associated costs, and the member shall forfeit the membership fees submitted to the Company with immediate effect.


i. The Consultant must make sure they can do the work they have chosen and they satisfy the appropriate legal requirements in the industry.
ii. The Company makes no guarantee that it will find a Consultant suitable for the user
iii. The Company will not be liable for the Consultant work done for the User.
iv. The Consultant is responsible for all work done for the User.
v. You agree to seek any action you consider to be appropriate for any claim you may have against your Consultant directly with your Consultant. The Company will not be liable for any disputes that have arisen between the User and Consultant and any disputes arising from this either directly or indirectly.


i. You agree that the Company’s entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, with respect to any services provided under this agreement and any breach of this Agreement is solely limited to the amount you paid for such services. The Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use any of its services or for the cost of procurement or substitute services.
ii. The trademarks, names, logos, and service marks (collectively trademarks) displayed on the Website are registered and or unregistered trademarks of the Website owner. Nothing contained on this website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any trademark without the prior written permission of the website owner.
iii. The written content displayed on this website is owned by its respective author and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, without the express permission of the author.
iv. Modification: The Company reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time. Any such revision will be binding and effectively upon posting of the revised Agreement on the Website, Your continued use of the Website constitutes agreement to any revision of the terms and conditions of this Agreement
v. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and in respect of the laws in the Jurisdictions of the User.
vi. We shall be indemnified from any losses incurred by you, and damage incurred by you the user, directly or indirectly as a result of any breach by you of these terms and conditions
vii. We shall be indemnified by you from any economic loss or damage or legal costs to yourself or a third party, directly or indirectly as a result of any breach made by you of the legal rights and terms and conditions of a third party
viii. In the event that the User has any right, claim or action against any other user arising from the material that the user contributes through to the website on any parts of it, we shall supply the user or representative of the information and inform them that we have done so. We will remove the information straight away and take legal action for any comment made that was unlawful.
ix. Any refunds to you as a result of your contract with the Consultant whom you obtained through this website shall be obtained by you from the Consultant and not through us, the Company.


i. By submitting your details to our site you agree for us to use your email address to keep in contact with you regarding any updates to our services and information that is related to you.
ii. We shall not pass on your details to a third party without your express consent in writing.
iii. Defamation: You will not promote or publish defamatory or libel material directly or indirectly and we reserve the right to seek compensation for loss incurred by the Company caused by defamation or libel.
iv. The User shall accept or decline the services of the Consultant during or post the Interview within a reasonable time agreed between the User and the Consultant.
v. You agree for us to use any information you provide to us for our training and development purposes and to promote our services through any testimonials that the User provides to the Company
vi. You agree that any liabilities that we have in respect of personal injury or death as a result of you using our services will be limited to the cost of the fees that you paid to us
vii. You agree that any liabilities we have with respect to fraudulent misrepresentation will be limited to the fees you have paid to us
viii. You agree that you will be liable for costs us for any breach of the terms and conditions of this website made by you.
ix. The Client can accept or decline the services of the three recommended services after the interview has taken place and request three more recommendations from the Company.


i. The Consultant will quote the User according to the pricing policy of the Consultant’s business.
ii. The User and Consultant will pay in advance after signing the contract for services issued to them by the Company
iii. The User and Consultant will receive a receipt of payment to be retained for future reference for tax or other matters.


i. You agree that you will not breach copyright laws in your jurisdiction and in England and Wales and that you will not use our information that will damage our business in any way.
ii. You agree that we shall use the information you provide to us regarding our services and the information that you provide to us will be wholly owned by us with exclusive rights owned by us from the time you submit the information to us.


i. You must not submit information or use the website in any way using any material, software or otherwise, that would cause any damage to the website and its contents.
ii. When using this website you shall not post or send to or from this Website any material for which you have not obtained all necessary consents, is discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, liable to incite racial hatred, in breach of confidentiality or privacy, which may cause annoyance or inconvenience to others, which encourages or constitutes conduct that would be deemed a criminal offence, give rise to a civil liability, or otherwise is contrary to the law in the United Kingdom;

1. iii. Site uptime:We take all reasonable steps to ensure that this Website is available 24 hours every day, 365 days per year. However, websites do sometimes encounter downtime due to the server and, other technical issues. Therefore we will not be liable if this website is unavailable at any time.
iv. The Company does not have complete control over any links to the website and cannot be held responsible for every link to the website, but will take appropriate action and seek damages and costs for all links to the website that have been placed without consent and any link made to websites that are unlawful and/or related to criminal activity or any website that the Company does not deem fit and appropriate for the purposes of the website and intended reputation of the website.
v. We do our best to control inappropriate content on the site and do not accept any liability for offence to the User.
vi. We report spam and material we find unsuitable for our Website and Service to the appropriate authorities
vii. We observe anti-money laundering regulations 2007 and the Proceeds of Crime Act 20002 and report contraventions to the legislation to the relevant authorities
viii. The User shall abide and comply with the laws In England and Wales when you use this website. You also abide and comply with the regulations associated with the services provided by this website.


1. All Users of the website agree to abide by our Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR laws. We charge an administration fee of £10 provide you with data that we hold about you and data that you have provided to us. This will be sent to you by post. The request is free of charge if the information is sent to you by email or electronically or collected in person. This does not include details of your username or password.


Our complaints policy is as follows:

1. Complaints may be made in writing, by e-mail, by telephone or in any other form in respect of a marketing service that we have provided and that is regulated under the Compensation Act 2006.
2. We consider and investigate all complaints that are made within our business history after you became aware of the cause of the complaint, however, we cannot guarantee that a resolution that involves all your records since some of our records may be legitimately destroyed. Our policy is not to store records that are we feel are no longer necessary for our business purposes and these may be legitimately destroyed. You may request to obtain all of your personal data through our Privacy Centre. The steps in our procedure are as follows:
3. We will send you a written or electronic acknowledgment of a complaint within five business days of receipt, identifying the person who will be handling the complaint about the business. Wherever possible, that person will not have been directly involved in the matter which is the subject of the complaint and will have authority to settle the complaint.
4. Within four weeks of receiving a complaint, we will send you either: a) a final response which adequately addresses the complaint; or b) a holding response, which explains why we are not yet in a position to resolve the complaint and indicates when we will make further contact with you.
5. At eight weeks of receiving a complaint (or soon as possible after that) we will send you either:
a final response which adequately addresses the complaint; or
a response which explains why we are still not in a position to make a final response and give you our reasons for the further delay.
We will indicate when we expect to be able to provide you with a final response.
Our response will also inform you that you may refer the handling of the complaint to the Regulator-the Legal Ombudsman if you are dissatisfied with the delay.
6. Where we decide that redress is appropriate, we will provide you with fair compensation for any acts or omissions for which we are responsible in line with our terms and conditions, and will comply with any offer of redress which you accept. Appropriate redress will not always involve financial redress.
7. Finest Law provides legal services and legal marketing. If you are not satisfied with our response, or if a complaint is not resolved after eight weeks, you may refer the complaint to the Legal Ombudsman. For Legal Services providers write to Legal Ombudsman, PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ or email: enquiries@legalombudsman.org.uk. 

The Regulator can review the handling of the complaint and can give you a direction on further handling of the complaint.

Please submit a request in writing or by email if you require a copy of our complaints policy & procedure

Contact us if you have any questions about our services

Our Website User Policy and Terms of Use are also included in these Business Terms and Conditions.

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