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Terms of Use

Code of Conduct for Members, Clients, and Prospective Clients

Our clients and users of this website must comply with the terms and conditions, including the website and privacy policies, and cancellation policy stated on this website: the requirements for our terms of use. Codes of conduct for professionals can be found here and here.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, you can contact us directly. We prefer contact by email)info@finestlaw.co.uk. If you would like a copy of our complaints handling procedure/policy, please email us. When we receive your request, we will send you a copy along with our acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint.

Our members and consultants work with mutual respect, personal integrity and provide the consultant with the information and monies requested. The  consultant can use the information given and the manner in which it has been given with good professional relations.

We reserve the right to discontinue association with any client using our services if we receive complaints of unreasonable  behaviour. Of course, we will investigate the complaints before appropriate actions are taken.

Standards of Service

Through high standards of client referral and consultant service, we can achieve our mission of high client satisfaction.

We follow up our clients and consultants using surveys of satisfaction of service and/or through feedback services.

Finest Law makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of our websites. Our work is often ‘work in progress’ to continually improve our services.

Our intention is to educate, stimulate and support our users using the best of our circumstances. Consultants are invited to subscribe and comment on responses and requests and submit blog entries about their interests. We do not accept liability for damages to users, expressed or implied, as a result of the use of our website.

Members of the website will be allocated a username and password. Any other details submitted to the website will be entirely the responsibility of the user submitting the information.

Our payment gateways are secured and users have the choice to make payments using the payment gateways provided.

Legal Advisers and Advocates

Please Note: “Clients” or “user” means users of our website, our clients or prospective clients

At Finest Law, we have provided a cost-effective legal services solution for the users of our website. We offer lawyers an opportunity to reach out to potential clients on a regular basis to provide their expert legal advice to our users.

As a great legal professional, your sound advice is very important to our users and will help educate them in the law within their jurisdictions in their area of concern. You will be fully qualified and registered with an appropriate professional body.  Without a doubt, we reserve the right to monitor the credentials of all professionals who use our website.

You have the opportunity, through Finest Law, to promote your services and attract new clients to your practice, as a result.

When you receive some great feedback from our clients, this is not only good for you and your practice, it is good for us too! 

Please read our terms and conditions and complete the contact form if you would like further information in order to proceed.

Why not sign up for our newsletter, you will receive monthly updates from us. You can even promote your services through our email marketing programme. So contact us for further details.

If you’d like to proceed to the next stage we would welcome you to join our membership scheme and /or submit your details through our contact form.

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